FRU (2014)

Fru is an Xbox One puzzle platformer which features an innovative use of the Kinect peripheral, using the player’s silhouette as a “mask” between worlds.

Made in only 48 hours, Fru started off as an experimental prototype, made during the Global Game Jam 2014. As part of Through Games, we are currently working on the full commercial version of the game.

Fru is going to be released in 2016 on the Xbox One, as part of the ID@Xbox publishing program.
Check our offical website for the game:

  • Winner of the "Kleine Uil" 2014 (National 1st place, Netherlands - GGJ 2014)
  • Showcased at E3 2014
  • Showcased at EGW GDC 2014
  • Showcased at the Microsoft E3 press conference